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You are planning your very own Smart Garden Irrigation System?

With us you will find everything you need for it. Start your smart garden with the Starter Kit and extend it with valves, sensors and other accessories. Tailored to your individual needs.

MIYO – The Smart Garden irrigation system

Start your smart garden with MIYO

In the future, thanks to a unique algorithm, your plants will only get as much water as they really need. At the right time, taking into account the current weather forecast. The power supply is also called “Think green”. MIYO does not cause battery waste and uses the precious energy of the sun.

The intelligent irrigation system allows every gardener to irrigate their plants according to their needs, sustainably and with little effort, no matter when, where and how. Quality and function of the components are next to the design at the top.

So far Smart Home ends on the outer wall of your house. Now the trends “Smart Home” and “Internet of Things (IoT)” finally arrive in your garden! In doing so, no technical know-how is required of you. With just a few clicks, your system is ready to go. With MIYO, the smart garden irrigation control is child’s play and you can enjoy your garden to the full.

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Complete your Smart Garden irrigation system with the right accessories

Here you will find everything to complete your Smart Garden Irrigation Control. The product range includes various hoses, sprinklers and fittings from our international partners REHAU, NETAFIM and TAKAGI.

With a click on the logo you come to all offered accessories.

Starter Kit - one irrigation area


This is what our customers say about MIYO

“Yesterday I got my delivery, Hub and Valve connected, Valve was sufficiently loaded this morning and was usable, setup was a breeze, irrigation is running, sensational.”
Robert S.

“I can really recommend the MIYO system to you if you do not have a green thumb like me, but still do not want to give up a well-kept garden.”

“I’ve integrated the whole house through openHab, and I’m glad that there’s finally a system with MIYO that offers an openHab integration, but that’s not what your competition can do.”
Christian G.

“The system is easy to use, yet flexible and works flawlessly.I do not care about watering for 3 months now and the garden is green like never before.Clearly recommended!”
Karin S.

Bis jetzt scheint MIYO seine Aufgabe korrekt zu erledigen. Ich bin vielleicht nicht der typische Durschnittsbenutzer (stark eingeschränkter Zeitraum, keine direkte Kontrollmöglichkeit), denke aber, dass grade für Ferienhausbesitzer ein solches System geeignet ist. Die Unabhängigkeit von Strom ist dabei auch ein wichtiges Argument.
Christian R.

“A great idea with radio and app to provide the garden.”


Inform yourself with our videos

Take your time and let us explain MIYO. We’ll show you how MIYO works and how easy it is to install MIYO and make your garden smart.