MIYO Starter Kit für ein Smart Garten

MIYO is the solution

Our philosophy

Extended downpours in spring, long periods of dry weather in summer: forecasting the weather is becoming even more difficult and hence keeping a healthy balance between too much and too little water for your plants. With MIYO, these concerns are outdated!

Watering while it’s raining outside? Sprinklers on when the ground is already moist?
Very just because your irrigation is programmed that way?

Thanks to his unique algorithm. In the future, your plants will get the exact amount of water at the right moment, only if they really need it. To ensure this, MIYO considers the individual needs of your plants and combines them with the actual weather forecast. In energy consumption, ‘Thinking green’ is becoming more and more important, which is why MIYO is not directly dependent on regular power supply- instead he is using the precious sun light to irrigate your plantlets. Therefore, you are not producing any battery garbage. We want to ensure, that your garden stays green! Our intelligent watering system enables every garden enthusiast to water plants to their unique requirements- sustainably and inexpensively, at any time, place and manner. The quality and design of the components is thereby our top priority.

To date, Smart Home technology stopped at the four walls of your house. Now Smart Home and Internet of Things (IoT) have finally made it outside and there is no technical expertise required on your part. The system is ready to go with just a few clicks. MIYO makes irrigation control child’s play, so you can simply kick back and enjoy your garden to the fullest.

The product


The app

… keeps an eye on your garden at any time, and from everywhere. Rather than a timer switch, MIYO watering logic is 100% geared towards the needs of your plants. It’s so easy to adjust – simply input moisture level limits and other parameters in the app, that you can incorporate your own gardening knowledge. Through the app, you can check every sensor value, watering status and notification. Thus, our optional cloud service, facilitates you access to your garden watering system from anywhere in the world.

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MIYO Sensor

The sensor

… can be placed anywhere in the garden, thanks to remote signals and solar power. If you divide your garden into different watering areas, you can place a sensor in each one, to gain a more individual irrigation in each section. The sensors measure the ground moisture, air temperature and sunlight in your defined spots.


The cube

… is the brain of the system. The cube is positioned within your house and combines the measurements of your plants (from the sensor) with the current weather forecast and your personal settings. Based on these information, the cube decides whether, when and how your plants should be irrigated to achieve optimal results. The cube can even work without an active Internet connection. The gathered data and settings are stored locally even with optional cloud connection. It also incorporates signals from your Smart Home technology and is easy implementable in well-established systems.

MIYO Ventil

The valve

… is connected to the water tap and regulates the ideal water flow. The valve operates self-sufficiently with solar energy. Just a few hours of sunlight each month are enough to ensure continuous operation. If you want to, you can also use more than one valve in one watering area. Due to wireless communication, annoying cables can be avoided.


Solar powered

MIYO is abdicating battery waste! Sensors and valves are powered by solar energy, a sustainable source that saves you the cost and nuisance.

Easy to run

Whether you’re young or old, MIYO is child’s play to install and operate, with no lengthy operating instructions. Truly user-friendly technology!

Smart home connectivity

If you want to connect MIYO to your existing smart home systems or devices, you’ll find detailed information under Smart Home.

Cloud independent

Would you rather not bother with cloud services? No problem – you can restrict MIYO to your home Wi-Fi network. Your cube will still receive weather data and updates from the Internet, but no data will be transferred from the cube to the cloud – so your data will stay within your four walls. Further details are available under Smart Home.

Long Range

Sensors, valves and the cube can communicate with each other within a free-field range of 350 metres (approximately 0,22 miles), meaning you can install MIYO in gardens of any size. So there’s no need to provide an Internet connection to every inch of your garden.


MIYO enables you to monitor the data from your garden live and mobile. You can see all past waterings and sensor data, as moisture, air temperature and brightness, at a glance.

Smart home



Would you rather not bother with cloud services?

No problem – you can restrict MIYO to your home Wi-Fi network. Your cube will still receive weather data and updates from the Internet, but no data will be transferred from the cube to the cloud – so your data will stay within your four walls.

All in one?

Do you prefer the all-in-one approach?

Then use our secure MIYO cloud service and gain worldwide access to your smart garden watering system through the app, and provide the best care for your plants – remotely. And there’s no need to worry – as the manufacturer we place great importance on privacy and data security. We always use the data in a responsible manner.

Local logic

Did you know that the brain of MIYO and all of its data are stored locally on the cube?

So apart from installation, you don’t need an Internet connection and your garden is in the best of hands even if the Internet drops out. This makes MIYO a solution for allotment gardens, holiday homes and other places without permanent Internet connection.

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