After we successfully fought against hibernation in our last posting, we now want to use this posting to introduce our partners who are generously supporting us with their know-how. And yes, there is also some advertisement included in that – but they all deserve it!

At StartUpLive Vienna #12 in November 2015 we got to know Alex Kucera as a mentor. A couple of weeks went by since this awesome weekend and he kept his word! We thankfully accepted his (almost immoral) offer for a collaboration concerning the app design and want to give a huge thank you to Alex from! He is the guy who transforms our app into a pleasurable user experience for you with an ingenious layout .

Another thing is the story with the market or more precisely, where do we want to position ourselves in the market. Backed by our ingenious network we quickly found support. Thanks to Mario Typplt and his i2B awarded positioning tool, we had an ingenious instrument which offers us an established basis for our market positioning. On one hand we developed our positioning during an exhausting but brilliant workshop, and on the other hand he provided us his tool for free. And we do not even have to bring him coffee every day… Just being available as a testimonial – who would not accept this offer? Thank you Mario!

Isabelle Richard and her TalentFlow – one of the most beautiful co-working space in Vienna. As already mentioned during the New Year’s posting this space is our new corporate home. But what you did not read there is the fact that we got this workspace for free for the next three months from Isabelle – one of the awesome awards from StartUpLive. Not only the desk itself is a benefit, but also all the useful contacts we established there at TalentFlow.

To get the StartUpLive event again on the agenda – yes, the participation totally paid off for us! After the official ending we established another cool contact. Sandra Stromberger approached me with the words ‘You’re the one I was looking for!’ Well those are the words you are not used to hear quite often especially as a man. These words sound even better when they are combined with an unbelievable cool suggestion for our business development. Sandra invited us to participate at IMM – industry meets makers. For further information about this initiative please take a look at our facebook page.  So we want to give Sandra a curtain call!

Last week we had another very important final. We had a pitch to attend at StartupLeitner Axelerator (SLAX) – and yes, we were able to fascinate the jury with our idea. The next exciting quarter will start in April – including legal and tax law know-how as well as prepartion for investors. After elaboration of a smooth Go2Market-strategy, nothing is going to prevents us from a successful start up. In April we move our workplace to the  Clusterhaus in the 5th disctrict of Vienna. This office place is provided for free during SLAX by LeitnerLeitner and Markus Kainz and his StartUp-Airport Prime Crowd.

Creating the industrial design – that sounds simple, but it isn´t. We got this experience, as we met Silvio Pauli. A professional in his field – he also worked for Red Bull. Because of his ideas, our products have a unique design. We look forward to hold the first prototypes in our hands!

The more our idea get’s real and the more events we attend we recognized, that we need much more time to share all of these moments and impressions with you. Therefore we are glad to welcome Sandra Wassmuth, Die Textwerkstatt, as a partner. She will be our strategic and operational support in the field of public relations.

Benny Typplt und Niklas Springer – two young and talented guys. Benny designed the overview of our system on our website and hopefully he will support us with his knowledge in the field of animated movies and videos in the future. Niklas is also an artist – an upcoming movie maker, who already won a lot of movie awards as a producer or director. He has already supported us with various application videos for incubators and hopefully he will produce some more films in the future for us… Guys – a huge thank you!!!

Last but not least we want to advertise for another start-up. If anyone of you is searching for co-founders or employees, then please check out – this is the place to receive qualified and international applications. This is how searching for employees makes fun!

As you see one of the most important things as a start-up is a well-functioning network. You just need to keep it alive! With this in mind – let’s network. Stay informed on Facebook or Google+.

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