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Gardening enthusiasts have previously had only two alternatives when it comes to irrigation: manual garden irrigation with a watering can and garden hose, or automatic garden irrigation with a programmable timer. The smart garden innovation MIYO now supplies green areas fully automatically, environmentally friendly and “on demand” with the precious water.

 Flowers, vegetable gardens, lawns, hedges, shrubs and trees often suffer because they either get too much or too little water or are simply watered at the wrong time. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy and fully automated irrigation system that was 100% oriented to the needs of your plants? Maybe even one that is so smart that it irrigates the garden on its own, taking into account the current weather conditions and local soil data at the right time?

Extensive rainfall in spring, long periods of drought in summer: forecasting and assessing the weather is becoming increasingly difficult. The healthy balance between too much and too little water for the plants to find, too. With MIYO these worries are finally a thing of the past.


MIYO The smart garden irrigation system

Enjoy more free time with the ultimate smart garden solution

MIYO is the first irrigation system that supplies plants with water “on demand” and can be controlled and monitored via a simple smartphone app. The user-specific area of application is almost limitless, thanks to the flexible expandability of sensors and valves – from private gardens and greenhouses to hotel and corporate green spaces and golf courses.

Freely placeable, solar-powered sensors continuously measure local parameters such as soil moisture, brightness and temperature in the garden. This environmental data is then evaluated by a central control unitwhich independently decides on the time and quantity of irrigation depending on the weather forecast and personal settings. Self-contained valves connected to the water outlet receive commands immediately and enable need-based and environmentally friendly irrigation.

The sensor placed in the garden transmits the measured values for soil moisture, temperature and brightness via radio directly to the cube.
Several self-powered sensors can also be used simultaneously per irrigation system.

The valve is also connected to the cube via a radio network and opens or closes the water flow for a specific irrigation area. Each irrigation system can use several valves as needed.

The cube is the “brain” of the MIYO garden irrigation system and can be optionally connected to an existing smart home system. This allows one or more irrigation areas to be automatically controlled and managed by means of solar-powered valves and sensors.


With the innovative Smart Garden app, you can control and track everything with just a few clicks on your smartphone.

You will be astonished and experience how your plants, thanks to a unique algorithm, only receive as much water as they really need. At the right time and taking into account the current weather forecast.

With MIYO, thanks to a unique algorithm, your garden will only get as much water as it needs and when it’s needed.

At the right time, taking into account the current weather forecast. The power supply is also called “Think green”. MIYO does not cause battery waste and uses the precious energy of the sun.


Solar powered

MIYO dispenses with batteries! Sensors and valves are powered by solar energy, which is sustainable and saves you the annoying battery changes.

Easy to run

For young and old MIYO is easy to install without a long user manual and easy to use in practice. So do not be afraid of the technology!


Smart home connectivity

If you want to connect MIYO to your existing smart home systems or devices and make it even smarter, have a look at the detailed information under Smart Home.

Cloud independent

Would you prefer to be independent of cloud services? No problem, you can also limit MIYO exclusively to your home Wi-Fi. Your cube will still receive weather data and updates from the Internet, but no data will go from the cube to the cloud, leaving your data in your home.

Long Range

Thanks to a special wireless standard, the sensors, valves and cube communicate in the open field up to a range of 350 meters and you can set up MIYO in gardens of all sizes. So you do not need an Internet connection to the last corner of your garden!



With MIYO the data from your garden can be viewed live and mobile. So you have all irrigation and sensor values, such as the course of moisture, temperature and brightness, ready at a glance!

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Elegant, ecological and simply smart.