Soaker hose, 15m

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The targeted and economical irrigation of rows of plants and marginal plants is the specialty of the REHAU perl hose made of recycled material. The dropwise delivery can save up to 70% water.
The REHAU perl hose works with low water pressure and can be laid above or below ground.
It comes in various lengths, equipped with ready-to-connect fittings.
With the help of a water stop, the hose is easy to extend and shorten.


  • Extendable by water stop without additional part
  • Above and below ground
  • Individually shortened
  • Up to max. 50 m extendable
  • No erosion on hillside
  • Function already at lowest water pressure (0.5 bar)
  • Water consumption at 0.5 bar approx. 3-4 liters / m / h
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